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The Resophonic Guitar With Jerry Douglas

A guided tour towards learning and mastering the Dobro™ guitar

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Jerry Says

Name, Title

I created this course with three ends in mind:

  • To give beginner reso players a solid start by teaching foundational skills

  • To share insights with experienced players that can fix any bad habits they may have acquired

  • To offer fans of reso guitars an inside look at how it is made and how it is played





Jerry de-mystifies the resophonic guitar by breaking down basic concepts into easily learned lessons and gets you playing the right way, right away.


Get rid of your bad habits and pick up some tips and insights from the premier reso player of his generation. Learn the essential exercises and techniques he uses in his own practice routine.

Learn how it's made and watch luthier Paul Beard explain the amazing mechanical process that creates "that sound".

Jerry covers the techniques and gear he prefers that will help you dial up a great tone no matter what gear you are using.


Jerry teaches/performs some classic licks and tunes to demonstrate many of the course concepts in action.



JD Community

Jerry's course includes an invitation to participate in the student-only Community - a place to hang out with your fellow students to share tips & tricks, discuss lessons, post pics and files, share links to videos, and more!

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“Already gleaned several valuable nuances from this course while continually looking forward to spending time with the wealth of material.
Worth every penny and then some!
Kudos to JD and the crew for a job well done. Thank you thank you.”

"Great course ! I’m finding it very inspirational in re-energizing me to work on the Dobro. Thanks Jerry. Just what’s needed these days !"

"Thanks for going through the pioneering archives and leading us to the legit core stuff. 
Due to this course (and putting in the time) I have made tremendous progress in a few short months. Very pleased with return on my investment. I’ve always loved Dobro and this course is helping me realize a dream to actually play the dang thing well."

"Thank you so much for this amazing course. Learning resonator will be a challenge but as a fan of yours for so long I'm hoping to raise my game. Great job!"

"Could anyone have a more perfect professor? And Paul Beard, to boot! Wowsers."

"Just started it. Its great! Love how it tracks your progress! Thanks Jerry!"

"An excellent course - thank you Jerry Douglas!"

"This is just what I need, thank you Jerry!"

"Loving the course Jerry! Thanks for providing it to your fans!"

"I am enjoying the course tremendously.
I love the set up and the format is perfect as I am able to organize my practice based on Jerry's guidelines - and refer back to anything at anytime."

“I’ve been playing for years and I signed up for this course and immediately found it helpful! . . . I’ve only watched a few lessons, but I already am glad I paid for this course. Definitely something in this for everyone."

“I’m loving everything JD touches on and it’s already taught me so many things the initial cost is solidly in the rearview mirror. No exaggeration when I describe it as a “wealth” of practical and helpful “pro” information.
his course is the perfect type and amount of quality information for my growing needs."

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$85 x 3

  • One Payment

  • Instant Access to 80+ lessons

  • No expiration date

  • Student Community

  • 3 Monthly Payments
    (Credit Card Only)


  • Instant Access to 80+ lessons

  • No expiration date

  • Student Community

    Welcome to the Course IMPORTANT: Latest Course News!
    Bars Finger Picks Thumb Picks Strings Capos Using A Capo Capo Maintenance Tuning By Ear Using A Tuner
    Right Hand Placement Anchoring and Picking Beginning Rolls Rolls Part 2 Rolls Part 3 Rolls Part 4 Ground Speed Roll The Rake Natural Harmonics Blocking
    Holding the Bar Pt 1 Holding the Bar Pt 2 Getting Tone Bar Pressure Pt 1 Bar Pressure Pt 2 Blocking Behind the Bar Hammer Ons & Pull Offs Pt 1 Hammer Ons & Pull Offs Pt 2 Slants Josh Graves' Slant Hawaiian Slants Harmonics & Chimes
    Intro to Major Chords Basic Chord Progressions Minor Chords Moving From Chord to Chord Single Notes Into Chords
    G Major Scale Noting & Sliding Finding Unisons The A Minor Scale E Minor Sounds Pentatonic Scale Basics
    JD's Blues (Performance) JD's Blues (Explained) Walk-ups, Walk-downs and Turnarounds
    Phrasing & Dynamics Role of the Dobro™ Pt 1 Role of the Dobro™ Pt 2 Bluegrass Band Role of the Dobro™ Pt 3 That Reso Sound Good Posture Good Posture Pt 2 - Standing Mic Techniques: Shure SM57
    Pentatonic Licks Wabash Cannonball G Run Lick G Roll Lead Up
  • GEAR
    My Guitars Picks & Bar Cases Pedals & Pedalboard The Fishman Aura
  • MAINTENANCE (with Paul Beard)
    Parts of the Resonator Guitar Buzzes and Rattles Cones and More Changing the Cone The Hipshot System
    When You and I Were Young Maggie Fireball Mail The Cincinnati Rag The Knoxville Girl Greensleeves
    Final Thoughts
    How to Navigate The Course - PDF The Nashville Number System - PDF Basic Music Theory Major Scales and Triads - PDF Budget Reso Manufacturers All Course TABs Background Drones In Various Keys Browser Settings for PDF files Blank TAB

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Jerry Douglas


Dobro master and 14-time GRAMMY winner Jerry Douglas is to the resonator guitar what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar, elevating, transforming, and reinventing the instrument in countless ways.

 Additionally, Douglas is a freewheeling, forward-thinking recording and touring artist whose output incorporates elements of country, bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues, and Celtic into his distinctive musical vision.

Called “Dobro’s matchless contemporary master” by The New York Times, three-time CMA Musician of the Year award recipient Jerry Douglas is one of the most innovative recording artists in music.

Jerry shines and soars as a solo artist, band leader for The Jerry Douglas Band and his GRAMMY winning bluegrass band The Earls of Leicester, as well as a member of groundbreaking ensembles including Alison Krauss & Union Station, J.D. Crowe & the New South, The Country Gentlemen, Boone Creek, and Strength In Numbers.

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