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Join Hall-of-Fame pedal steelers Tommy White and Paul Franklin as they sit down to trade licks over a collection of frequently encountered  chord progressions.


Learn to approach songs as small chord progressions.

Learn to play from chord to chord in 4-bar phrases


You'll be guided  through their approach to Minor, Augmented and Diminished chords


Learn how Tommy and Paul play over these common chord sequences and progressions:

4511    1144    1455    5511



 "We wanted to give players an insight to how we think and what goes into deciding which approaches we take on any given chord progression or Intro, Verse or Chorus. Sitting down next to each other was the way to do it!"   


When you break any song down, you eventually get to a collection of chord sequences in 4-bar increments.

You can consolidate this concept to a few key harmonic movements:

  • 1 chord to the 4 chord, (2 to the 5, 3 to the 6)

  • 4 to the 5, (1 to the 2, 5 to the 6)

  • 5 to the 1 (6 to the 2, 4 to the b7)

  • 4 to the 1 (5 to the 2, b3 to the b7)


Finding ways to move from one chord to the next four bars at a time is the key to unlocking ideas for Intros, Fills, and Solos.



Tommy and Paul share their choices in moving from one chord to another, and how they look at the 4-bar journey with the end in mind:

  • Knowing what chord you're starting on

  • Knowing what chord you are ending on

  • Knowing what to play in the middle

This approach makes any chord progression easy to navigate.

tommypaul lefthands.png
  • How To Break Down Songs in 4-bar Chord Sequence

  • How To Move From Chord to Chord

  • How To Create Rhythmic and Melodic Single-Note Lines, Diads and Chordal Moves

  • How To Incorporate Phrasing and Dynamics

  • How To Play In A Band Context

  • How To Find New Positions and Voicings

  • How To Use The Steel’s Unique Ability To Imitate Other Instruments

  • How To Navigate Minor, Augmented, & Diminished Chords


“Studying with Paul Franklin is a rare chance to study with a pro master of our instrument. If you're planning to make a career from playing, look at it as a great investment in developing your knowledge and skills.”

“Too often over the years, trying to improve my playing has felt like a heavy and often-frustrating lift. [Paul's] teaching (and inspirational attitude) has made a world of difference for me."

“I’m beginning to get how you approach it. I feel like someone seeing the whole earth from space for the first time.”

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Tommy White is a pedal steel child prodigy that just kept getting better.


Early gigs with Donna Fargo and The Whites led to coveted TV spots and staff band positions.


Currently holding down the pedal steel position in the Grand Ole Opry house band, Tommy divides his time with that gig and session work, with recent projects  being Alison Krauss and TV appearances with Pop icon Lady GaGa.

Known for his beautiful tone, touch and vast knowledge of musical styles, honed from years learning the top songs played by visiting artist on the Opry stage, Tommy's course ( in collaboration with Paul Franklin ) showcases his technique choices and his innovative TW Split pedal configuration.

Your Instructors

Paul Franklin


Pedal Steel Guitar and Musician's Hall of Famer Paul Franklin brings 50 years of insight and experience to his courses.


From his teenage years playing gigs and sessions in his native Detroit to his many years in the Nashville touring and studio scene, Franklin is the go-to pedal steel guitarist of his generation.

Mentored by the early legends of the instrument like Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick and Hal Rugg, Paul brings a sense of history to his lessons while always pushing the guitar forward.  From George Jones to Megadeth, Streisand to Dire Straits, Paul's style encompasses all genres.


His ability to convey complex concepts to beginners and pros alike sets him apart from other teachers on the pedal steel guitar.

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