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What Students Are Saying About Paul's Course

Anyone can throw some licks on video and show you how to play them. You’re so much more than that! You truly want us to become better players. I've learned so much already. Thanks again for being an awesome teacher.

I’ve learned so much from this course in the past six months. I’ve gone from "no idea where to start" to having some really clear goals on how I can grow as a steel player - and even more as a musician. I truly appreciate how much you put into this course and the constructive nature of the course.

I'm constantly amazed at the bits of the lessons I get carried away by, often far from the "point" of the lesson - - or are they? Maybe a subtlety of timing, maybe how the note sounds when a pedal goes down, maybe just a group of strings I never thought of for a chord. Every lesson is like a master class for me!

No aspiring musician could wish for a better teacher than Paul Franklin. This course is awesome. I am just beginning to scratch the surface of this awesome instrument, but through the lessons I have progressed faster than I could ever hope for.

I've played steel for about 20 years, but I've been stuck for about 10 of those. I decided it was time to buy your course and get busy. I am really pleased with the course and I am finally making some progress.

I've played six string guitar all my life but when I started playing steel I completely stopped and just focused on my steel playing. It's pretty amazing how your course has made me so much better of an overall musician and my guitar playing has gotten much better also. Thank you for sharing all this great information.

Great stuff for players of any level. To have this kind of access to the way Paul thinks about stuff is priceless.

The learning platform is so well done, with any effort on the student's part they greatly improve their skills.

This is an in-depth, thought-provoking study of pedal steel techniques which will enhance anyone's ability, no matter what level you think you're on regarding the instrument.

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