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The Paul Franklin Method is a complete course in pedal steel guitar for E9 and C6 necks, with wide-ranging in-depth lessons covering all topics for players at every level.


E9 Pedal Steel Basics features a selection of essential lessons that demystify the E9 neck, correct bad habits you may have,  and quickly get you playing music on the pedal steel guitar.


In C6 Essentials, Hall of Fame pedal steeler Paul Franklin guides you through a new way to look at the C6 tuning. Dust off that back neck and get started!

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Bruce shows you the essential skills, techniques and musicianship needed to get a great Rock sound on your GBD Lap Steel.  All of the basics you need to play Rockin’ Lap Steel are here.


Join Tommy White & Paul Franklin as they teach the History and Evolution of pedal steel guitar, including technique, 3-element blocking, tone, and modern harmony.


Paul teaches a mini-course on how to back singers, and in another mini-course, breaks down his iconic ride on “Together Again“, from Bakersfield, his duet album with Vince Gill.


As a "bridge" from Foundations to The Method, Paul's Toolbox course has the licks, solos, and bar techniques you need to make real music, geared toward an in-depth section on how to back singers.


Paul breaks down and teaches 50 licks and phrases covering multiple grooves and styles. Genre-defining sounds that artists and producers ask for, a full musical vocabulary for you to drawn upon.

Pedal Steel and Lap Steel Courses Available Now!
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Modern Music Masters offers online streaming music instruction from the finest teachers and players on their instruments.


 From Vocals to Pedal Steel Guitar, our expert teachers have many years of experience in both performing and teaching. (For example, our pedal steel instructor is Hall-of-Famer Paul Franklin.)

Using online streaming to deliver our Courses gives you access 24/7/365. Learn when you want to, watch the video lessons over and over, download the supporting Course materials, including TABs, PDF documents, MP3 Backing Tracks.

About Us

Formed in 2017, Modern Music Masters is run by musicians and for musicians. We share the same curiosity and thirst for knowledge that our students have, and it shows in the content of all our Courses.


Our Instructors are not just masters of their instruments. They have something unique and important to teach, and they present the topics in an easy-to-learn manner, no matter what your skill level.

You may have heard the wise and ancient saying, in Education and the Arts, that goes:

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

At Modern Music Masters, we make that a literal reality. Whenever you are ready to continue your learning, your teacher is always just a few clicks away.



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