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What We Do

Modern Music Masters delivers on-line video instruction.


We are run by musicians, for musicians, and our instructors are recognized masters of their instruments.


All have something unique and important to teach, and they present concepts & topics in an easy-to-learn manner . . .

no matter what your skill level.

Texas Country
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Roots & Branches:
My Early Influences



The Paul Franklin Method is a complete course in pedal steel guitar for E9 and C6 necks, with wide-ranging in-depth lessons covering all topics for players at every level.

E9 Pedal Steel

E9 Pedal Steel Basics features a selection of essential lessons that demystify the E9 neck, correct bad habits,  and quickly get you playing music on the pedal steel guitar.

Paul Franklin C6 Course

In C6 Essentials, Hall of Fame pedal steeler Paul Franklin guides you through a new way to look at the C6 tuning. Dust off that back neck and get started!

Paul Franklin Course
Paul Franklin Course
Bruce Bouton Lap Steel Course

Paul's Toolbox course is the next step after Foundations. Packed with the licks, solos, and bar techniques you need to make real music, including an in-depth section on how to back singers.

Paul  breaks down and teaches 50 licks and phrases covering multiple grooves  and styles, sounds that artists and producers ask for. A musical Vocabulary to drawn upon.

Bruce shows you the essential skills, techniques and musicianship needed to get a great Rock sound on your Lap Steel.  All of the basics you need to play Rockin’ Lap Steel are here.

Paul Franklin Free Course

Paul teaches one of his most frequently requested solos, breaking down "Together Again", from Bakersfield, his duet album with Vince Gill.

Jerry Douglas Reso Dobro Course

Join 14-time Grammy winner Jerry Douglas in an exploration of the Resophonic Guitar. Beginners, players and fans will learn how it's played and how it's made.

Paul Franklin Tommy White Course

Join Tommy White & Paul Franklin as they teach the History and Evolution of pedal steel guitar technique, including 3-element blocking, tone, and modern harmony.

Paul Franklin Course

 Paul Franklin guides you through his personal approach to the C6 tuning. All the pockets, positions, and practical theory you need to master the harmonic and melodic possibilities in any style.

Paul Franklin Free Course

A complete set of lessons taken from The Paul Franklin Method, it's a mini-course in backing a singer, using the classic folk tune "Shenandoah".

Bruce Bouton Course

Bruce Bouton guides you through a great collection of classic-style E9 pedal steel licks that helped define the Neo-Traditional era. 

Paul Franklin Tommy White Course

Pedal steelers Tommy White and Paul Franklin sit down and trade licks, talk-teaching over some of the most popular and frequently-encountered chord progressions. 

RP Course Card.jpg

Nashville session master Russ Pahl explores the other side of the pedal steel guitar. From vocoders to B-3 simulators to Rock guitar tones and effects,  see what's possible when you think outside of the box.

Paul Franklin Course
VocalEdge Course

An in-depth exploration into the pedal steel styles pioneered by Ralph Mooney, Jay McDonald, JayDee Maness, Tom Brumley and others. Many of my Intros, Solos and Licks (w/practice tracks) from the "Bakersfield" album. . 


VocalEdge: Technique For Professional Singers is a set of lessons and exercises designed to set a singer on a path to consistent improvement in vocal tone, resonance, range, power, agility and overall artistry. 

aewlgcc3 (1).jpg

An in-depth exploration into the Texas Country pedal steel style.  Paul teaches the Intros, Solos and Licks he played on the Grammy-nominated 2023 "Sweet Memories" album and shows how they can be applied to other songs.

Lloyd Green’s 74-minute performance at Paul Franklin & Friends 2021 Pedal Steel Guitar Camp.

Includes special bonus: Paul Franklin's 2019 7-part interview of Lloyd.

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21st Century
Steel Guitar
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An Evening With
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Technique For Professional Singers
With  Professional Vocal Coach James R. Wigginton
West Coast Country
West Coast Country
with Paul Franklin
An in-depth exploration into the pedal steel styles pioneered by Ralph Mooney, Jay McDonald, JayDee Maness, Tom Brumley and others. Many of Paul's  Intros, Solos and Licks from the "Bakersfield" album. 


Paul Franklin


Pedal Steel Guitar and Musician's Hall of Famer Paul Franklin brings 50 years of insight and experience to his courses.


From his teenage years playing gigs and sessions in his native Detroit to his many years in the Nashville touring and studio scene, Franklin is the go-to pedal steel guitarist of his generation.

Mentored by the early legends of the instrument like Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick and Hal Rugg, Paul brings a sense of history to his lessons while always pushing the guitar forward.  From George Jones to Megadeth, Streisand to Dire Straits, Paul's style encompasses all genres.


His ability to convey complex concepts to beginners and pros alike sets him apart from other teachers on the pedal steel guitar.


Called “The Dobro’s matchless contemporary master” by The New York Times, three-time CMA Musician of the Year award recipient Jerry Douglas is one of the most innovative recording artists in music.


Jerry shines and soars as a solo artist, band leader for The Jerry Douglas Band and his GRAMMY winning bluegrass band The Earls of Leicester, as well as a member of ground-breaking ensembles including Alison Krauss & Union Station, J.D. Crowe & the New South, The Country Gentlemen, Boone Creek, and Strength In Numbers.

Jerry Douglas

In addition to performing and recording with a who’s-who of popular music, Douglas is also an accomplished teacher, with an engaging blend of humor and to-the-point practicality that demystifies the instrument. His many years of playing and learning have further enhanced his innate ability to break down complex techniques and approaches into easily-learned lessons. 

"I wanted to put out a course that offered some easily understood starting places for the beginner reso player" says Douglas. "A course that also gives more advanced players and even fans of the instrument some insight into how reso guitars are constructed, played — and how I approach making music on them."

Tommy White


Tommy White is a pedal steel child prodigy that just kept getting better.


Early gigs with Donna Fargo and The Whites led to coveted TV spots and staff band positions.


Currently holding down the pedal steel position in the Grand Ole Opry house band, Tommy divides his time with that gig and session work, with recent projects  being Alison Krauss and TV appearances with Pop icon Lady GaGa.

Known for his beautiful tone, touch and vast knowledge of musical styles, honed from years learning the top songs played by visiting artist on the Opry stage, Tommy's course ( in collaboration with Paul Franklin ) showcases his technique choices and his innovative TW Split pedal configuration.


Bruce Bouton came to Nashville via Virginia.


After taking lessons with pedal steel legend Buddy Charlton, Bouton landed the pedal steel guitar gig with neo-Country superstar Ricky Skaggs and added blazing fast solos to hit tunes like "Highway 40 Blues" and "Country Boy".

Bruce started getting calls for recording sessions.

Bruce Bouton

One fateful day on a Brooks and Dunn tracking date, he pulled his lap steel out of his cartage trunk to play the iconic "Boot Scootin' Boogie" hook that put the lap steel on the Nashville Country map.


An accomplished songwriter and producer, Bouton is branching out into songtrack work.

Jamie Wigginton


Training and coaching voices for over 3 decades, "Jamie" has dedicated his life to studying, developing and implementing the most effective methods and techniques to bring about profound improvements for his artists.


He has completed over 50 international tours, presenting master classes, concerts, private lessons and recording studio coaching.

Jamie has had the honor of serving as vocal coach for Luke Combs, Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line), Nicolle Galyon (writer of “Tequila,” “We Were Us” and too many others to list), William Michael Morgan, Brett Eldredge, Lindsay Ell, Kerry Degman (CMT’s “Music City”), Muscadine Bloodline (Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster) as well as John Michael Montgomery, Pam Tillis and countless others you’ve not heard of (yet!).

He is also regularly hired for commissioned works—choral and orchestral—and conducts the recording sessions. JRW has been a full-time Professor of Commercial Voice at Belmont University for 18 years.

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